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Laundry | Wash & Fold Service


Laundry is a basic necessity of life that allows us to maintain and clean our clothes, keeping them ready to take on the day. However, let's face the facts: there are not that many people left that like to do laundry or fold their clothes due to how time-consuming and precarious it is. Situated in New York City, we know how important is to maximize your time and effort on a busy work-day/weekend. 


Fortunately, here at Sky Blue NYC, top quality Wash+Dry+Fold Laundry services are available to alleviate you of a basic chore at a very affordable and competitive price, all before dinner! Our top-notch washing machines are well-equipped to handle almost any garment provided by our clients. We supply all detergents and cleaning supplies necessary to address just about any request, no matter how big or small it may be. Sky Blue Cleaners is committed to providing high quality laundry services in a professional, consistent and timely manner, taking the added stress of laundry day away from your busy schedule. 

You can now conveniently schedule a pick-up/delivery service for your laundry by clicking the button below.

Schedule a pick-up online today or simply stop by to drop off in person!

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