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Dry Cleaning involves any cleaning of clothing or fabric using chemical solvents other than water. Some garments react differently to water, requiring the need for other chemicals to remove unwanted marks and stains. 

Here at Sky Blue NYC, we strive to offer outstanding quality dry cleaning services that doubles as the most eco-friendly with our use of water-less chemicals. Our state of the art dry cleaning machines use hydrocarbon solvents that are scientifically proven to be less harmful than Perc, which is used in over 85% of all other dry cleaning machines. We work to not only ensure that your delicate garments are treated with the utmost care, but to also create a safe working environment for our qualified team of professionals.


Our attention to detail and flexibility to the unique needs of each client have allowed us to win multiple awards in the dry cleaning industry. You are now able to conveniently schedule a pick-up/delivery service here on our website by clicking the button below.

Schedule a pick-up online today or simply walk in to drop off in person. 

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