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By Using Our Services, You Agree To The Following:

At Sky Blue NYC, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to providing top-tier service. We employ our expertise to deliver the best possible care for each article we receive. However, certain limitations apply:

1. **Disclaimer of Responsibility**: We can't be held responsible for any inherent weaknesses or defects in materials that aren't immediately noticeable before processing. This also applies to a variety of specific items and features listed below. 

2. **Effects of Laundering and Dry Cleaning**: Despite our careful handling, we can't guarantee against color loss, color bleed, and shrinkage. Each fabric or color may react differently due to its unique properties and manufacturing processes.

3. **Laundry Separation Policy**: Due to our privacy policy, we don't separate laundry/wash & fold, including traditional lights and darks separation. Please separate your laundry as needed and inform us of any special instructions beforehand.

4. **Allergy Disclaimer**: We can't assume liability for any allergies caused by the methods, detergents, or chemicals used in our processes.

5. **Leather for Repair or Cleaning**: Certain items may require a color touch-up to facilitate repair or cleaning. This may result in changes in color, texture, and rigidity. 

6. **Liability for Articles Left in Items**: We can't assume responsibility for any articles left inside items or garments being processed by us.

7. **Pricing Variability**: Prices may vary based on features such as pleats, size, fabric type, special care, and complexity of process required.

8. **Fitting Consultations**: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and respect during fitting consultations, which may involve close assessment and physical touch by our staff.

9. **Alteration Considerations**: Any excess material or design features that need to be removed for alteration will be discarded unless otherwise specified.

10. **Recording and Documentation**: By entering our store or submitting an order, you consent to being recorded and documented for quality control, transaction history, and legal purposes.

11. **Pick-Up Policy**: Proper identification or invoice may be requested for pick-up. We can also allow pick-ups without identification at our discretion.

12. **Service Re-processing**: If you're unsatisfied with our service, we'll re-process your order at no extra cost provided it's reported within 48 hours and the item(s) are in the same condition as when handed over. Customers may be required to try on garments at pick-up time in order to have the right to a free do-over, otherwise such customer would forfeit the free do-over guarantee. 

13. **Refund Policy**: No refunds or discounts on services rendered. Refunds only apply to services not yet started, and will incur a processing fee and a bank transaction fee if paid by card.

14. **Missing Items Policy**: All missing items must be reported immediately or within 24 hours of delivery. We will compensate for lost items according to the garment's current market value but no more than 10 times the cost of our service charge.

15. **Deposit Requirement**: A 50% deposit is required on all orders without exception.

16. **Service Fees**: Certain services, such as body measurements and fitting consultations, may incur additional fees.

17. **Expedited/Rush Order Fee**: An additional service fee will be applied to any expedited or rush orders.

18. **Credit Card Charge**: A minimum charge may be required for credit card payments, and a credit card fee may be applied accordingly.

19. **Price Estimates**: Price estimates and quotes provided remotely via phone, web, or email are not guaranteed. Final prices will be determined in person.

20. **Storage Mode and Fee**: Orders not collected within 30 days of the due date will enter Storage Mode and accrue a daily storage fee. Orders unclaimed after 180 days may be donated as per N.Y.S. law.

21. **Tailoring and Alteration Services**: Cleaning and/or pressing is not included with tailoring and alteration services. If required, these will be charged separately.

22. **Pick-Up and Delivery Fee**: Fees for pick-up and delivery service may apply based on distance. A minimum order may be required. Check for promotional free pick-up & delivery service in your area!

23. **No Show Fee**: Customers who schedule a pick-up and delivery service and are not available upon our arrival will be charged a "No Show" fee. This fee covers expenses associated with the service.

24. **Commercial and Billing Accounts**: Accounts overdue by 10 days will incur a $30 late payment fee, plus $1 per day thereafter.

25. **Right to Refuse Service**: As a private entity, we reserve the right to refuse service to any individual, entity, or company as we see fit. This includes, but is not limited to, closing customer accounts, refusing service, or denying access to our establishment. Any violation of our policies or laws may be reported to legal authorities.

Please note that these policies are subject to change. Updated policies can be found online or in-store. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in abiding by these guidelines to ensure a smooth and professional service experience.

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